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Special Offers

Relaxation package:
Massage 60 min + Reflexology 30 min Q390 (53$USD)

Prana package:
Massage 60 min+ Pedicure Q420 (57$USD)

Shanti package:
Massage 60 min+ Manicure Q400 (54$)

Combo package:
Mani+Pedi Q240 (32$USD)

MASAJE EN DUO 60 min Q500 (68$USD)
MASAJE EN DUO 90 min Q700 (95$USD)

60 min Q1500 (203$USD)
90 min Q1900 (203$USD)

60 min Q2800 (378$USD)
90 min Q3800 (514$USD)

About Us

Prana opened its doors in December of 2008 with the aspiration to offer professional alternative therapy services to the population of Antigua and the surrounding areas. We offer a range of diversified therapies that are adapted to meet the needs of each individual as well as a focus on teaching about physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a personalized holistic health service to all of our clients and also to give you the knowledge to acheive personal well-being in your daily life.

Our Vision

To be the best professional references to holistic treatment in Guatemala.

Our Therapists

Isabelle Legris

Massage Therapist.

Karla Bonilla

Manicure and pedicure specialist.

Evelyn Yoc

Massage Therapist, Manicure and Pedicure Specialist.

Stephanie Bianchi

Certified yoga and meditation instructor, certified massage therapist for Tai massage

Juan Francisco Rodas Pocon

Chiropractor, Massage Therapist (Shiatsu), Acupuncturist and Natural Medicine.

Olga Gaitan

Massage Therapist, Crystal Therapy, Angel Therapy and Quantum Healing.

Maria Olga Paiz

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Seiko & Theo

Instinctive Medicine and Acupuncture.

Heidi kusters

yoga instructor and Life Coach

Carmen Wirtz


Marco Barbi

instructor of meditation, yoga and spiritual coach.

Zuellen Garcia Barillas

Clinical Psychologist.

Lilian Garcia

Massage Therapist, manicure and pedicure specialist.

Karla Bonilla

Massage Therapist

Felipe Bagur

Psychological care for children, teenagers and adults.

Dilma Mérida

Psychological care for children, teenagers and adults.

Rachael Johanna Haylock

Yoga instructor and Massage Therapist.

Ingrid Floridalma Ixcajoc Garcia

Massage Therapist.

Ma’ayan Jasovich

Nutritionist BASc, Yoga Teacher, Strength and mobility coach and Massage Therapist.

Gregory Radicone

Licensed Acupunturist.

Other Services

Our different holistic therapies take into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of our clients. Here you will find a description of each service that we offer.

  • Hypnosis
    Q445 per session

    Maria Olga is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist that graduated with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, California, USA. She is Board Certified in California by the International Hypnosis Federation and an active Member of the American Hypnosis Association and Member of the Hypnotherapists Union. Hipnosis session can help you with anxiety, stress, insomnia and it’s a great tool to stop smoking or to deal with addictions. The first session included a 30 minutes consultation.

  • Nutrition Counseling
    Q300 For initial assessment
    Q200 For follow up
    Individual packages available

    A non-dogmatic approach to diet with a focus on positive habit creation and a deeper understanding of the need of the individual. In these sessions we will help you learn about your body and what makes it thrive. Through education and understanding how food can heal us, you will be able to move into thriving while enjoying your meals.

  • Acupuncture
    Q480 per session

    Ancient technique that provides vital energy balance which is necessary for the proper functioning of our organs, emotions and well-being. It can be preventative or curative for illnesses and chronic ailments such as migraines, insomnia, gastric problems, arthritis, allergies, etc.

  • Chiropractic
    Q480 per consultation
    (approximately 60 minutes)

    Physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems using adjustment and traction.

  • Crystal Therapy
    Q350 per consultation

    Take full advantage of the array of colorful properties the mineral kingdom has to offer; stimulate the senses and awaken your creativity while harmonizing the imbalances that daily life brings.

  • Clinical Psychologist

    Individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults, couple therapy, family therapy, group therapy and workshops.

  • Astrology reading
    Q500 (birth chart with transits)
    Q550 (Sinastria, is the analysis of two birth charts to understand the dynamics in the relations of couples or parents/children or work.)

    Astrology can predict and explain trends, but it allows us, first of all, shed light on some aspects of our existence. It gives us the keys to accept the situations experienced in the present.
    The session consists in reading the birth chart, wich is a map of the treasure of our being and the explanations of the influences of the stars at the time of the query.
    Requirements: place, date and time of birth (as accurate as possible)

  • Reiki
    Q240 30 min
    Q340 60 min
    Q440 90 min

    Work that transfers life energy trough the therapist hands over the body or with a light touch. Promote self healing and body, energy, emotional and mental balance.


Meditation Classes
Q200/ 1 hour

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, an object, a visualization, a movement, breath or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Each class is adapted to the level of experience of the participants.

Massage Workshop
Q300/3 hours

Learn the basic of swedish techniques for back massage. There is 45 minutes of theory and the rest is practice. All the material is included (note that the book is in spanish).

Kinetic Swedish Massage Course, relaxing massage 1
Length: 15 weeks | Price: Q3500
A complete massage class with all the theory and practice you need to start working with real clients.

Kinetic Swedish Massage Course, therapeutic massage 2
Length: 12 weeks | Price: Q3500
Learn how massage can help preventing diseases and also how can it alíviate negative health condition’s symptomes. . In this course you will learn therapeutic techniques to work on specific conditions.

Yoga Pre and Post Natal
Q850 for the 8 sessions
Each class lasts 1:45 hours

Yoga for pregnant women. Poses are recommended according to your trimester.
Yoga for both Mom and baby. A great way to get back in shape after giving birth and to create special moments with your baby.

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal yoga is a great way to enhance the experience of pregnancy and to prepare for labor. By linking asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing), it creates awareness and balance of body, mind and spirit. Classes focus on relieve fatigue and tension, gaining energy and vitality, keeping the body flexible, building strength and improving the abilities to relax and to concentrate. An opportunity to connect and breathe with your baby. Mondays from 9:00 to 10:15

Postnatal Yoga with baby: A restorative and mindful practice that focuses on remedy common post-pregnancy issues, like weakened pelvic floor and core, and that incorporates your baby, promoting the bonding. Classes includes heart/shoulders openers, stretches, strength-building poses and hypopressives. For moms starting at approximately six weeks postpartum until their babies begin to crawl. Mondays from 10:30 to 11:45

Yoga - Private Classes
Private Q300 / hr

Private yoga classes are offered for all levels of abilities.
1 to 3 people

Mindfulness for kids
Group class Q650/8 clases
Private class Q250/hour
Available for kids and adults

Through exercises and games, children learn to connect with themselves, with their breathing, their body, their emotions, etc. The course is developed to provide valuable tools to children that, with practice, will improve their concentration and will help them identify and accept their emotions. Practicing mindfulness raises self-esteem and has benefits for oneself and the people around. For kids 5 years and older.

Living in the only moment available: The present moment.

Practicing mindfulness exercices will help you being more aware of your breathing, body, thoughts, emotions and your surrounding.There is a lot of benefits that have been proven. It can increase your general well being and happiness level, also it helps your self esteem, your concentration and creativy.

Practicing mindfulness raises self-esteem and has benefits for oneself and the people around.

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